Instagram finally explains how its algorithm works

The company hopes to dispel some fake news that is still circulating about its mysterious algorithm.

At the time of its launch, Instagram offered a chronological-only timeline, which allowed its users to see the posts of their subscriptions as they appeared. Yes, but now, for more than five years now, the company has changed course, yielding to a algorithmic display, able to decide more or less arbitrarily which publications are put forward, and which contents are “shadowban”. A display system regularly criticized by users, but that the American company was keen to defend despite everything. In a recent blog post, Instagram manager Adam Mosseri took the time to debunk some received ideas about the algorithm.

Anticipate likes

Adam Mosseri explains that Instagram does not have an algorithm, but many, dedicated to stories, Reels or even classic publications. Each works in much the same way, but independently of each other, the primary objective reminds Mosseri, being to anticipate any interactions you may have with the publications you come across. Thus, it is the posts from your friends, family and relatives that are always privileged. For the rest, “Signals” will push the social network to estimate if yes or no, a video or a photo is able to interest you. “The more likely you are to take an action (like, save, comment, etc.), this action is important, the more a publication will be highlighted ”. While the Explore tab is more focused on discovering new content that you might like, the part Reels on the other hand, it focuses more on entertainment.

Regarding the shadowban problem, on the other hand, Instagram was once again rather nebulous. The phenomenon, which particularly affects certain influencers, temporarily “Censored” algorithms of the platform without any explanation, remains unclear. The only promise from the company, to show more transparency on this subject.

Offer more control to internet users

To better understand, but above all to better use the algorithm, Instagram ended its blog post with some advice for its users : start by updating your list of close friends, which will allow the social network to systematically highlight them when they publish something. Finally, use the option without moderation “Not interested” when content is not suitable for you, which will prevent the platform from recommending that type of content to you.

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