Instagram will be rolling out new monetization capabilities for creators

There is no doubt that Facebook has to work very hard to retain creators on its platform and add new ones, taking into account that the competition is improving content monetization capabilities, which may be tentative for some creators to be able to on the run in search of better conditions.

With that in mind, Facebook is testing a new type of three-day event focused on creators, although interestingly this year it has chosen the week in which Apple is also holding its annual event for developers.

To strengthen itself as a platform for creators

Even so, everything that has been announced during the first day of the meeting of Facebook, in the search for creators to have new ways of monetization.

First of all, the creators of Instagram they already have the possibility to link their stores to their personal profiles, in addition to commercial ones, and later this year, although for now eligible creators in the United States, they will also be able to advertise on one of the platform’s commercial partners for the launch of exclusive products.

Starting this week, creators will be able to earn additional income from completing challenges, where for example, they can receive a cash bonus for reaching a high number of stars received in their live video broadcasts.

Over the next few months there will also be the possibility that they can become affiliates of the platform, gaining the ability to recommend commercial paid products, earning commissions for the sales they generate.

In this regard, users will see that these recommendations will be accompanied by the label “eligible for commission”.

Mark Zuckerberg ya anticipa from your Facebook profile what’s to come:

To help more creators earn a living on our platforms, we’ll keep paid online events, fan subscriptions, badges, and our upcoming free independent news products for creators until 2023. And when we introduce revenue sharing , it will be less than 30% that Apple and others take.

With YouTube, Snapchat and TikTok, among others, pushing initiatives to have a greater number of creators, it is obvious that Facebook Inc does not want to sit idly by, for which, as we see, we will have to get used to the arrival of more and better news focused on creators and aspirants along the way.

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