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With a price of HUF 100,000, it will certainly be a layered product, but Sony’s new TWS can lead the way: more advanced noise filtering, LDAC, hybrid fitting, great operating time and many small functions await the hollow.

Not many TWS headphones get as much publicity as the Sony WF-1000XM4, but it’s no coincidence that once the outsideand once the expected functionality also understood a special piece of news: if a Japanese manufacturer makes a high-end wireless audio product, it would typically be a guideline. The WF-1000XM4 also marks the beginning of a new era, as it is powered by the company’s own audio chip, the Sony V1, and more interestingly, it is the first in-ear TWS headset to use the manufacturer’s own LDAC codec, so the traditional With Bluetooth transfer, you can deliver music to your ears at 3x resolution.

The system is completed by the DSEE Extreme music scaling service and 360 Reality Audio, if you add that Sony has now set the bar high in bitrate, you can have a very serious audio experience. The quality of active noise filtering has been improved, it is said to be able to work at up to 40% better efficiency at high frequencies. at its predecessor, and it has wind detection that immediately turns on the relevant wind noise reducer.

It improves the music quality in a personalized way
It improves the music quality in a personalized way

The diameter of the dynamic drive remained 6 millimeters (which is relatively small), but the underlying magnet was 20% larger, so obviously the system was significantly redesigned. The membrane has become more flexible, which can improve the intensity and speed of deep sounds: of course, we will only guess this, it will be revealed in our later test. In addition to active noise filtering, passive noise filtering is also evolving, with a polyurethane-looking, sponge-insulated hybrid fitting (rubber bell) improving insulation. The earphones themselves have also become smaller anyway, which will certainly improve the overall comfort and wearability of the device.



A fast pairing mode has been added for Windows 10 and Android, and speech recognition has been added to it, which when it detects that we’ve spoken (you can be sure of this with a bone vibration sensor besides microphones), it automatically pauses playback and allows ambient sounds ( Ambient Sound): my Sony Speak-to-Chat name mentions this feature. Of course, the gadget is also supported by the voice assistant of our mobile phone.


The runtime numbers are promising, especially when the XM4 is smaller than the previous series. 8 hours of continuous playback is available with noise cancellation on, and when turned off, you can listen to the WF-1000XM4 continuously for up to 12 hours. The charger case promises a total playback time of 24 and 36 hours, respectively, depending on noise reduction, and the charger case itself quickly charges the earphones, giving you 60 minutes of additional playback with 5 minutes of charging.


The charger case is also significantly smaller than its predecessor and can be charged not only with USB-C but also with a wireless Qi pad. The tab itself is waterproof according to the IPX4 standard, so it will survive a rain, but we won’t want to clean it with a high-pressure cleaner.

SzínváltozatokSzínváltozatok Color variations [+]

In silver and black, at a gross consumer price of 280 euros, ie for almost 100 thousand forints, the novelty can be bought: it is a lot of money, but in this market there are hardly less top models, and as is the case with Sony, this time they are left on the market. older series, and presumably a more serious discount will be expected if one can afford it.

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