Online safety: The CNIL publishes new recommendations for minors

More and more present on the Internet and social networks – sometimes well before the legal minimum age set by the platforms, minors must be subject to increased protection of their data, believes the CNIL today.

As announced last January, the CNIL (National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms) today unveiled the fruit of several months of reflection on the protection of personal data related to underage users. Result eight recommendations, intended to support French people in protecting their privacy on the Internet. Concretely, details the regulatory body, it is above all a question of taking into account the need for autonomy of the youngest while ensuring their online protection, but also of better empowering adults in their role of support to the digital life. Finally, online service providers must take into account their responsibilities towards minors, especially when it comes to personal data.

The 8 recommendations of the CNIL

  1. Supervise the ability of minors to act online
  2. Encourage minors to exercise their rights
  3. Supporting parents in digital education
  4. Seek parental consent for minors under 15
  5. Promote parental control tools that respect the privacy and best interests of the child
  6. Strengthening information and the rights of minors through design
  7. Check the age of the child and the parents’ agreement with respect for his private life
  8. Provide specific guarantees to protect the interests of the child

These recommendations, if they constitute for the moment only advice given by the CNIL, nevertheless mark a new decisive step in the regulation of privacy on the Internet. They could indeed push the French authorities to legislate on the thorny issue of the activity of minors online.

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