Review Loki sets the record straight on Disney +

Much awaited by fans of the MCU, Loki arrives this Wednesday, June 9 on Disney +. But does the series live up to its ambitions? Critical.

With its platform, Disney is offering itself a golden opportunity to explore the fates of some of its secondary characters. For Marvel, this strategy takes the form of several derivative series that allow themselves some liberties compared to the now very formatted films of the house of ideas. It is already in this line that the WandaVision series was part, which made a small robbery last January on Disney +. And Falcon and the Winter Soldier offered us a return to a more classic formula, Loki announces itself as a UFO in the universe of the house of ideas. But is the trip worth the effort?

In Endgame, Loki manages to escape the vigilance of the Avengers and flees with the Tesseract. But his escape turns things upside down and he quickly finds himself in the hands of the TVA, Time Variation Authority. This interplanetary organization has only one objective: to protect the sacred Timeline and prevent temporal discrepancies. Now captive, Loki will have to associate with this organization and hunt down another variant, among the most dangerous.

Discover Loki on Disney +

Loki in a new light

Loki isn’t the most iconic character in the MCU, but he’s arguably the one who has enjoyed the biggest evolution since his debut in Thor. He is easily one of the most interesting protagonists in the house of ideas. Cold, manipulative and egocentric in the first opus, he will quickly establish himself as an anti-hero until his advent in Ragnorok. Thanks to Taika Waititi’s film, he managed to make a place for himself in the hearts of fans, so it’s hardly surprising that Disney has chosen to devote a series to him on its platform (even if it means resuscitating him with a tour password).

If we could fear that this scenario pirouette, which consists in offering us an alternative Loki to the one we love so much, could distort the road traveled, Michael Waldron and his teams have achieved a feat by deconstructing his psyche and letting it go. ‘operating from a new perspective. In the first episode, on the two that have been given to see, we discover another facet of Thor’s adoptive brother: between fragility and egocentricity. The deity shows itself in a new light, which makes it possible to reinvent the whole dichotomy, the duality of the character.

A duo with rare alchemy

This ambitious rereading takes on its full meaning during the scenes of confrontation with Mobius, played by Owen Wilson. The actor, more accustomed to author films and modest productions, takes his first steps in the MCU and proves to us that nothing can resist him, not even the density of the Marvel franchise. Teasing and intriguing, its protagonist offers a nice counterweight to the Loki by Tom Hiddleston. The rest of the cast are equally compelling, starting with Wunmi Mosaku. The British actress who had already distinguished herself in the series Lovecraft Country, shows us here the extent of her talents in her incarnation of a VAT agent.

An effective mix of genres

And WandaVision made the bet to mix the codes of the sitcom with those of the super-heroic productions, Loki adopts another equally effective recipe. Located halfway between X-Files and Back to the future, the new Marvel production is based on a controlled plot that adopts the stakes of an investigation and the mechanics of time travel. If the first episode is mainly used to hang up the wagons and to explain the precepts of the VAT, the second chapter gains in dramatic intensity and already announces a large-scale spectacle.

For Marvel, this new intrigue is an opportunity to take side roads and to free oneself from the intrigue of its saga. It is also the medium chosen by the studios to introduce the multiverse, which should be explored in phase 4 on the big screen with Doctor Strange 2. More than a simple hatch, the series aims to reinvent the Marvel recipe and offer us a glimpse of what the studios could have in store for us in the coming years.

He’s back to play tricks on you.

A little visual slap

Both in substance and in form, Loki is a real success. Moreover, to put in images the adventures of the God of the mischief, the firm appealed to a lover of the genre. Kate Herron, who has already directed several episodes of the series Daybreak and Sex Education, makes here more than interesting visual proposals. The filmmaker plunges us into the maze of VAT, which looks like an obsolete amusement park and has fun with the premise of time travel. The series also plays with this temporal distortion to offer us beautiful moments of comedy, even if the talent of Tom Hiddleston to take a slap is undoubtedly no stranger to it.

If the first two episodes lay for the moment the milestones of the intrigue which will be held during this first season, Loki already benefits from solid arguments to establish itself as the best Marvel series on Disney +. Confusing in some respects, it seems to be the fruit of a newfound freedom for the creatives of the house of ideas who can now use the small screen to develop universes that they would not have had the leisure to explore for the cinema. . If the MCU has felt the warmed up for the past few years, Loki allows to set the record straight and is in line with what had already proposed WandaVision. Could the future of House of Ideas superheroes be on Disney +?

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