Roblox makes $ 3 million … per day

App Store games are proving to be very lucrative. Roblox, at the top of the chart, generates no less than $ 3 million, every day.

Video games on the App Store represent an extremely important financial windfall, as was revealed during the recent lawsuit between Epic Games à Apple. In the United States alone, the iOS gaming market is estimated to be no less than $ 336.2 million per month.

Roblox takes the first place left vacant by Fortnite

Finbold reveals today that all titles are not housed in the same boat in terms of daily income, relaying the annual ranking of the most lucrative titles on the App Store. This is how we learn that Roblox earns no less than $ 3 million per day, and nearly $ 92 million per month! According to figures provided by ThinkGaming, it ranks well ahead of the second, Clash of Clans, which would generate almost $ 1.9 million per day, then Candy Crush Saga, with almost $ 1.5 million per day.

IOS games ranking
Credit: Finbold

Yet Roblox may be the app that generates the most revenue, it is not the one that has been installed the most. Candy Crush Saga is the most installed title in the United States, averaging 23,194 installations per day. Pokémon GO comes in second with 22,331 daily installs on average.

This ranking has therefore moved well since last year, where Fortnite was in the lead with nearly $ 13 million per day. Obviously, since it has not been on the App Store since the end of last year, it has disappeared from the ranking, after allowing Apple to pocket a real jackpot.

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