Samsung updates its app to manage connected devices from the mobile

Samsung is updating SmartThings, the application to manage all the devices connected under this ecosystem.

The new version of the app promises a complete interface change that will help users monitor devices without getting complicated with too many options.

New design for SmartThings on iOS and Android

As mentioned in the samsung team, the new design of the SmartThings application allows users to have all the information of their devices organized in different sections. For example, you will find a section that groups together all the connected devices, as well as a “Favorite” section for the most used rooms, scenes, services and equipment.

And of course, the app also has sections dedicated to offering additional functions to users and giving them the possibility to explore new services within the SmartThings ecosystem. In other words, the app simplifies the interface and groups its main functions so that they are easy to identify by the user.

This update in the design of SmartThings is now available for Android devices, so it only remains for you to update the app to see the new interface. And as for iOS devices, the Samsung team promises that this update will be rolled out shortly.

Remember that SmartThings launched a version of the app for Windows, allowing users to have some control of this ecosystem from their computers. Although it is not the same experience that users can enjoy from their mobile, nor does it have enough controls to manage the devices, it is an interesting alternative.

The application of SmartThings for Windows It was developed with the Galaxy Book in mind, but it works correctly from any device with Windows 10. SmartThings, whether in the Windows version or any of its mobile apps, is free and can be downloaded from the corresponding stores.

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