Trump would like to ban Twitter and Facebook

The former US president has definitely not finished talking about him. After his ban from Twitter and Facebook last year, Donald Trump has widely criticized the two social networks, on which he had however gotten into the habit of speaking during his tenure.

Between Donald Trump and social networks, the drama is never far away. While he had made Twitter his main mode of presidential communication during his tenure, the former head of state was finally banned from most online platforms following his statements during the last US presidential elections, which notably had led to the violent riots on the Capitol.

Trump would like to ban Twitter … and Facebook

Now at open war against social networks, Donald Trump today issued a statement, in which he congratulate Nigeria on banning Twitter from their country. A decision taken by the government of the West African country this week, as the platform censored a message from President Buhari that threatened his political opponents. “More countries should ban Twitter and Facebook which do not allow free and open speech – all voices should be heard. Who are they to dictate right and wrong if they themselves are wrong? Maybe I should have done it while I was president ”.

After using and abusing Twitter during his tenure, Trump would now like to ban social networks – or at least those who do not support it. The former head of state also attacked Facebook, which recently formalized his banned for at least two yearss. According to Trump’s version, GAFAM should have been banned during his tenure, “But Zuckerberg kept calling me and coming to the White House for dinner to tell me how awesome I was”.

Deprived of social networks, Donald Trump had nevertheless tried everything to regain his place in the public debate. After trying unsuccessfully to bypass Twitter bans, the politician then had launched his blog “In Donald J Trump’s office”, where he distilled messages and communiques “Official”. A resounding flop, since less than a month after it was put online, it was finally closed for lack of audience.

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