TV offers: The best deals on TVs from Sony, Philips, LG and Co.


Many strong deals await you among the current TV offers. Whether LED or OLED, whether 55 or 85 inches, you will definitely find it here.

We’re looking for bargains for you that we think you’ll like. The selection is subjective, but editorially independent. We have affiliate partnerships, which means that NETZWELT may receive a commission from the dealer for links on this page. More info.
  1. The best deal

  2. TVs up to 55 inches

  3. TVs from 55 inches

  4. OLED televisions

  5. Screen panels, image standards and manufacturers

  6. Alternatives to buying a new one

At the Buying a TV there is a lot to consider because there are big differences. In addition to the screen diagonals and features, the price is of course of particular interest. That is why we present you with an overview of the currently best smart TV offers and also help you with a lot of interesting information to find the best TV for you.

The best deal

The Sony KD-85XH9505 brings very large televisions to your home with a screen diagonal of 85 inches. With Expert you can secure the TV at the current best price.

Sony KD-85XH9505 | LED | 85 Zoll

to offer

Sony KD-85XH9505 | LED | 85 Zoll

  • 4K Ultra HD

  • Android TV mit Google Assistant

  • Twin Triple Tuner: DVB-C, DVB-S2, DVB-T2 HD

Sony gives the recommended retail price for the KD-85XH9505 at € 3,999. At Expert you can secure the television for only 2,849.92 euros. This is the current best price. The offers of other dealers only start from 2,882.97 euros.

To the offer at Expert ›

The deal for the Sony TV is very good, but you should definitely take a look at the other TV deals.

TVs up to 55 inches

Smart TVs are getting bigger and bigger, 65 inches and more have long been standard. But not everyone wants or is able to place such a large TV set in their living room. We are therefore showing you the latest deals for compact devices up to 55 inches.

TVs from 55 inches

55 inches is too small for you? Devices with 65 inches and more are not only suitable for large rooms, but also provide a cinematic feeling in your own four walls.

OLED televisions

The ultimate are OLED televisions, because their screen technology brings a perfect black to the screen. In bright rooms, LED TV televisions are usually better suited because they often shine brighter. However, if you are looking for the best picture for your home cinema, you cannot ignore OLED.

So that you get that real cinema feeling at home, you have to pay attention to various factors such as seat spacing and screen resolution. How to calculate the ideal seat distance to your smart TV, you can find out in our TV guide.

Screen panels, image standards and manufacturers

In addition to the functions and size of televisions, technology has also advanced. Most modern smart TVs have 4K, HDR, 4K HDR or HDR10+. With the screen panels you can choose between OLED, QLED and LED technologies. You can find out which of these is best for you and why in our Guide to the various television panel technologies.

The manufacturers of smart TVs are just as diverse as the screen panels. You will find devices from Sony, Samsung, LG and many others. Although there is a large number of manufacturers, differences between their devices can often be found with a magnifying glass. However, this is not always the case. We explain to you that Differences between manufacturers of smart TVs and tell you which manufacturer can do what.

Alternatives to buying a new one

A smart TV can be an expensive device. However, if it doesn’t have to be a brand-new television for you, you should keep your eyes peeled for devices that are refurbished, B-goods or demonstration units be sold, keep it open. Here you can save a few more euros.

You can also save by buying one Do without smart TVs and upgrade your old TV. Thanks to various gadgets like Streaming Boxes it works very easily and is also cheaper than buying a smart TV.

After the purchase

If you are not at all satisfied with your device or it is even defective, then you will definitely want to return it. You can find out which ones in the linked article Regulations for the right of return and cancellation gives.

Never miss an offer

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