Vivaldi 4.0 now has an email client, calendar and feed reader

The Chromium-based Vivaldi web browser has always prided itself on offering features that make it better than Chrome. Among them you have the management of tabs, grouped in an intuitive way, or the way to show the history. Today it goes one step further with the release of version 4.0, with integrated applications.

With this version they introduce new integrated mail, calendar and RSS clients, as well as Vivaldi Translate, a translation service that, we are told, respects privacy more than other options from the competition (they use technology from Lingvanex).

The email client is different from what I had until now. It is independent of the browser, like its calendar client, which means that we do not have to depend on urls to access our email, as it was in the past with Netscape, years ago, or Opera.

The mail client removes the usual folder structure, which makes the same message appear in multiple views. We can choose between different display modes and control which messages to see, being possible to exclude emails from mailing lists and custom folders from the default view. Of course, we can use practically any email provider that supports the IMAP and POP protocols, integrating with Gmail as well.

The new calendar also integrates with Google Calendar and iCloud, showing all the data available for our events, not just one or two lines.

As for the RSS reader, it is very basic, nothing like what is offered by feedly or inoreader. You cannot import and export feed lists, but whenever the browser finds an RSS feed, it will highlight it in the URL bar, making it easy to subscribe to new feeds. It also allows you to subscribe to YouTube feeds.

Regarding the translation, they indicate that it is hosted on Vivaldi’s own servers, and that they do not share the data with any third-party service.

At the moment Vivaldi needs to further increase its user base to become a sustainable company, a difficult task with Chrome, Firefox and Edge as competition.

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