Wordpress 5.8 will have native support for the WebP format

WebP images take up less space, load faster, but until now they were not supported natively in WordPress, the main content publishing platform in the world.

That will change with version 5.8, which will promise to be faster thanks to this new change. announced that it will support WebP’s advanced image format for the 5.8 release in late July 2021, a next-generation image format suitable for replacing images encoded in the JPG, PNG, and GIF formats. The idea of ​​WebP is to produce superior image quality in significantly smaller sizes, as we are talking about lossless images.

Images with this format preserve the quality of the original image while keeping a smaller size, in fact they are capable of being 26% smaller on average. If we opt for lossy WebP, we can get 25% to 34% smaller than the original image.

WebP was announced by Google as an open license image format in 2010, and today modern browsers can see them without problems, which is why the time has come for WordPress to put the batteries to not depend on any external plugin.

WordPress announced that managing images in the WP media library will be exactly the same as any other currently supported image format, we will be able to upload and use WebP images in WordPress as we do today with a JPEG or PNG image.

The only problem in WordPress support for WebP is if the web server is not compatible with WebP, although that is easy to verify by contacting the technical support of our hosting.

On that point, it indicates:

In WordPress, the lossless WebP format is only supported when Imagick is used by the hosting server until LibGD adds support. Also, animated and alpha formats do not yet support resized images (instead, lossy images are created when you upload them in these formats).

Reducing the size of the images will allow a faster navigation and a saving of data in the visitors of the pages.

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