Xiaomi is redesigning its chip design division

The reorganized team can once again design a full-fledged chipset.


A couple of years a Surge in the person of S1 Xiaomi (with her partners) set up a mobile chipset and recently announced a mobile chip-independent ISP image processing unit Surge C1 in person. This is used for folding Mi Mix Fold to process raw data from cameras and more accurately manage autofocus, white balance, and exposure.

A GizmoChina according to him, however, now the design team is not going on leave for years, in fact: he can concretely return to the increasingly popular world of creating full-value chip sets, with some reorganization, the use of new engineers and a small detour. The first chip may not be connected in a mobile phone, but in an accessory, although the source has not heard that it will drive a watch, a TWS earpiece or some IoT device, and exactly when. In any case, the team is constantly growing.

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