Amazon: Errors in Alexa routines

There is currently a bug in the Amazon Alexa routines. If you have the action “time“, So you want to have the current time announced, the routine runs into error. Only Amazon itself can remedy this or you can help yourself with the alternative described.

“Current time” does not currently work in Alexa routines

Many Alexa users create various routines for the day. Either directly as an alarm clock or with a manual call using “Good morning”. In the last few days there have been more and more indications in the Facebook groups that the time is no longer being announced.

Anyone who uses the “Time” action in their routine is currently hearing “Sorry, it looks like I didn’t hear you right. Please try again ”. the reason for this: Internally, the action is simply sent as a command to Amazon Alexa: this is “what time”. If you try this command yourself with Alexa, you will get exactly the same answer. So here Amazon has changed something in the background and simply has to adapt the action. The correct question here would be “what time is it?”.

As long as Amazon has not improved this, you should simply remove the action from your routine so as not to hear the annoying message. The actual routine then continues despite the error message.

If you really want to hear the time, use a “Custom” action in your routine. Here you just type the question “what time is it?” a. However, the disadvantage of this variant is that it can only be used at the end of the routine. If you are already using one of the following actions, the “Custom” action can no longer be selected: “Custom”, “Audible” and “Skills”.

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