Android 12 shows the new privacy panel with its new beta

Google launched the second beta of Android 12 showing some of the new dynamics that this version promises.

For example, we can finally see all the functions that the new privacy panel brings. In this panel, Google promises to include all the details that users must follow up to protect their security and privacy.

The Android 12 privacy panel

The Google team promised that Android 12 it would have a combination of privacy-focused features. And finally with the second public beta we can see the dynamics that this new security panel proposes.

As you can see in the image, this panel gives priority to the Camera, Location and Microphone. This will allow the user to know at a glance if any of the apps installed on the mobile is using some of these permissions.

And if we open each of these permissions, it will show in a chronology how the apps have used them in the last 24 hours. And of course, it provides the options to deny these types of permissions from the configuration. A dynamic that is repeated with the rest of the permissions that applications may require.

And this entire system is complemented by additional options, for example, the ability to lock the microphone and camera throughout the system. Automatic visual alerts will also be activated when apps are detected using the microphone, camera, or accessing clipboard content.

Another detail that we find in this second beta of Android 12 has to do with a new dynamic for connections. When we go to the shortcuts to change the WiFi connection or activate the data, a pop-up window will open to make the changes from the same main page, without having to go to the System Settings.

And if our current connection presents us with problems, we can go directly to Settings to use the new control to restore WiFi connections.

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