Apple wanted to present a certain “MacBook Pro M1X” at WWDC 2021

In the tags of the YouTube video of its latest keynote, Apple refers to a certain “MacBook Pro M1X” and the “M1X” chip.

If the rumors pointed to the presentation of a new MacBook Pro at WWDC 2021, it did not. Apple preferred to bet on a classic edition – without any hardware announcement of any kind – during which it presented the latest versions of operating systems,iOS / iPadOS 15 to watchOS 8 via macOS Monterey.

Nevertheless, it seems that Apple did intend to present a new MacBook Pro there. By digging through the metadata of Apple’s video on YouTube, Internet users were able to get their hands on the tags used by the firm. Surprise: there are references to a certain « MacBook Pro M1X », or on the chip « M1X ».

The existence of the MacBook Pro M1X confirmed

The existence of this chip has been known for several months now, but it was not yet known what name it could adopt. Ultimately, it would therefore not be an M2 but rather a M1X, the « X » meaning increased power since the chip would be intended to equip the most high-end machines of the Apple, including the MacBook Pro, the Mac Pro, and certainly the iMac Pro, now that the M1 has become widespread on all machines entry level, up to l’iPad Pro.

If the WWDC was therefore not the opportunity for Apple to present its new MacBook Pro, we can probably expect an imminent announcement. According to the latest rumors about it, it would be available in 14 and 16 inch versions and would have the right to a major overhaul. We would thus find ports that no longer exist on MacBook, such as an HDMI port and an SD card slot. Above all, we would have the right to this famous M1X chip, much more powerful than the M1 chip.

Some macOS Monterey features missing from Intel Macs

With this MacBook Pro M1X approaching, Apple continues to accelerate its transition to its own chips, until no Intel models remain in its catalog. And if its future products do not interest you, the firm could well push you to take the plunge by offering new features on Apple Silicon Macs.

Apple has just announced that certain new features of macOS Monterey will be exclusive to Macs equipped with its own chips. Here they are :

  • Portrait mode in FaceTime video calls
  • Live Text function to identify text in images
  • The terrestrial globe in 3D in Maps
  • The new languages ​​offered in speech synthesis: Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish
  • Dictation on the device locally beyond 60 seconds.

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