Genshin Impact anticipates the leaks, and presents three new characters

Unaccustomed to communicating on its upcoming novelties, the MiYoHo studio created a surprise a few days ago, by unveiling three new characters from the Inazuma region.

Since the release of Genshin Impact last September, the MiHoYo studio has the art and the way to cultivate the mystery around its RPG. Very discreet on social networks, the developers communicate only through rare lives or blog posts, and are particularly uncompromising regarding leaks. It is therefore with surprise that we discovered at the beginning of the week, an official presentation of artworks of three new characters, which should arrive in version 1.7 or later.

Indeed, if version 1.6 released today, the characters of Ayaka (one-handed swordsman Cryo, 5 stars), Yoimiya (archer Pyro, 5 stars) and Sayu (Anemo) will not yet be playable alongside the new character of Kahuza. So many clues that suggest that the trio could be from Inazuma, the new city-state of Teyvat that MiHoYo is preparing to present to the players. If Ayaka was already awaited for a long time by the players, the fighter Cryo being already present in the beta of Genshin Impact, Yoimiya and Sayu are completely new. While private testing has just started for version 1.7 of the game (potentially paving the way for new leaks), the Chinese studio therefore seems to have decided to cut the grass under the feet of the leakers, by controlling his communication to the end, even if it means getting a little ahead of his schedule.

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