Google Play has a new way of managing apps

Google Play is testing a new design that will make it easier for users to manage the applications installed on their mobile.

It is not a general design, it only organizes the options we use to manage apps in new sections and with more functions.

New options to manage apps on Google Play

A few months ago, Google Play implemented a new design that eliminated the hamburger menu and all the options are displayed from the profile avatar. An interesting change, but one that caused confusion among users.

And now we find a new change that affects the options to manage the applications. So far, it is only necessary to open the section “My applications and games” to see all the sections related to the management of the apps.

We have a section to see the apps that need to be updated or that have already been updated. Another section to see the complete list of apps installed on the mobile and see the space they occupy. A third section is added for “Library” that shows all the apps that we have installed under our account, but that are not found on the current device. And a last section that makes it easy for us to share applications with Nearby.

But all that organization is lost with the new design for “Manage apps and devices.” Instead of having 5 different sections, we find two tabs that combine all the information we mentioned before.

On the one hand, we find “Summary” that shows us if we have available updates, the space occupied by the installed apps, ratings and reviews, and the option to use Nearby. So this tab works as shortcuts, since depending on the option we choose, it directs us to other sections of Google Play.

And the second tab is “Manage”, which shows the list of all the applications in our library, with some interesting options. One of them is the possibility of applying filters to perform actions in batch, for example, to update a group of apps, or remove from the list those that are not installed on the device.

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