Google’s folding smartphone is coming soon, but it won’t be alone …

According to Korean sources, the screen of the future Pixel Fold will go into production in October, and it will be signed by Samsung.

It’s been almost a year since we talk about a so-called folding smartphone in preparation on the side of Mountain View. Google would have many plans in this area, if we are to believe this new leak.

According to The Elec, the presentation of this famous Pixel Fold should be done well by the end of the year. The media was able to get its hands on a Samsung roadmap for flexible panels for several manufacturers. Google would have set its sights on a 7.6-inch flexbile panel that folds inward, if this leak is to be believed.

Samsung should provide Google, Xiaomi and Vivo

After integrating them into its own folding smartphones, including the Galaxy Z Flip, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and, soon, the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the South Korean firm is preparing to offer its famous flexible tiles to other brands Ultra Thin Glass. These have the particularity of offering a touch similar to that of a glass screen, far from the plastic screens that we have seen on other folding smartphones.

These screens are expected to go into production in October, which means the Mountain View firm could start production of its first folding smartphone at that time. Even if it should not be released immediately, we can expect Google to unveil its Pixel Fold in October, during its Made by Google conference during which the firm should also lift the veil on the Pixel 6.

We should also expect new folding smartphones with a similar screen from Xiaomi and Vivo around the same time, specifies The Elec. Thanks to Samsung screens, the battle for folding smartphones will finally be able to begin, enough to make this type of product more accessible to ordinary people.

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