Joe Biden rescinds prohibition orders against TikTok

The American president will nevertheless create a new framework to determine the risks of such applications for national security.

Before stepping down, Trump delivered one final blow to TikTok. The Chinese social network, which he accuses of spying on behalf of Beijing, has since last November been the subject of several decrees aimed at banning it in app stores nationwide. But with the arrival of Joe Biden to power, one could expect these measures to be called into question or even canceled in the coming months. We did not have to wait long since the current tenant of the White House has just revoked all the decrees against TikTok, WeChat and AliPay.

However, the various applications of the Bytedance group are not completely out of the woods. Instead of this ordinance, Joe Biden will institute a new framework to determine the national security risks of applications connected to governments or foreign armies. With China still in his sights, the president asked the Commerce Secretary to investigate applications that could pose a risk to national security.

Guarantee an “open and free” internet

A senior official of the Biden administration wanted to clarify that it is committed to “Promote an open, interoperable, reliable and secure Internet, to protect human rights online and offline and to support a vibrant global digital economy”.

Moreover, to ensure the security of its computer systems and avoid espionage, the country has drastically weighed down his blacklist. Created last November by Donald Trump, it prohibits American investors from placing their marbles in companies “Which undermine the security and democratic values ​​of the United States and our allies” then explained the White House in a statement. While she behaved 31 companies at the end of 2020, they are now over 59. Concretely, American investors no longer have the right to invest in companies on this list. By August 2, they will have to sell their shares in these companies.

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