Lidl launches a lamp that works without electricity!

The German brand is launching an outdoor luminaire that runs on solar energy. The lamp is offered at € 14.99, but it will not be launched immediately in our regions.

At the dawn of summer 2021, Lidl launches a product that already promises to become a real bestseller: a lamp that works without electricity. However, don’t think about installing it in your home. It was designed to be placed outdoors alongside the various summer products offered by the hard-discount brand.

In order to do without electricity, Lidl’s new lamp uses solar collectors, allowing it to be recharged during the day so that it lights you up all night. This is not a major innovation, but we can count on the brand to cut prices. Count 14,99€ room.

For this price, we benefit from a rather all-purpose stainless steel case available in two variants, an IP44 index, a 1300 mAh battery, and three operating modes: orientation light + motion detector / motion detector. movement only / Stop.

Lidl lamp
Credit: Lidl

As for availability, we will have to wait. Lidl’s solar light will be launched first in Spain, then in Belgium. Depending on the sales figures, the sign could logically offer it for sale in Switzerland and then in France. For the more impatient who have planned to go to Spain during the summer, nothing prevents them from going for a walk in a Lidl store to get it in advance.

In France, the hard-discounter recently stood out by releasing his Monsieur Cuisine More – a lighter version of Monsieur Cuisine Connect which ended up being withdrawn from sale – as well as his famous sneakers in the brand’s colors, which have been available since June 3.

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