Nintendo Switch: 5 single player games to take on vacation

Whether you’re going on vacation to the mountains, the tropics, or staying at home, you’ll always need a good game to go with you.

Summer is approaching and with it its holiday airs, its rays of sunshine and its moments of relaxation. While it’s okay to disconnect once in a while, bringing something to occupy yourself with while on vacation won’t hurt you either. This is why we invite you to discover our selection of games on Nintendo Switch to have with you for this summer 2021, games to play solo during long trips, while relaxing on the beach or even staying at home if you have not opted for a tropical destination this year.

Monster Hunter Rise

Released on March 26, Monster Hunter Rise is the latest installment in the Monster Hunter franchise. In an unprecedented adventure, you play as a hunter in search of monsters to fight, each more terrifying than the next. The goal is to progress in the adventure in order to improve your weapons, armor and skills. If Monster Hunter Rise may seem like a classic adventure game, Capcom has put the necessary ingredients in it to make it a blockbuster. The game is already a great success, and especially with the Japanese public. So don’t hesitate to discover this epic adventure!

Enjoy Monster Hunter Rise for € 44.99

New Pokemon Snap

New Pokémon Snap, which you can read our test, is the modern version of the title of the same name released several years ago on Nintendo 64. The game was released on April 29 and offers you the opportunity to go on safari from your sofa! It’s a relaxing, bucolic and colorful adventure that gives you the chance to observe Pokémon in their natural environment. The good thing is that New Pokémon Snap can just as well appeal to adult fans of Pokémon since always, as to children new to the franchise, especially since its style is easy to learn.

Discover New Pokémon Snap at € 51.99


You left on May 21, Mythopia is an adventure game in which you can personalize all the protagonists and antagonists of the story with the help of your family and friends. In fact, Nintendo offers you the possibility of totally putting your adventure in your image, an adventure that is both quirky and fun. If the game mechanics are very simplistic, it will suit the whole family without exception. Finally, Mythopia is a game with an explosive humor that allows you to escape with a good slice of laughter and madness. It will be the perfect companion for your moments of respite this summer and you will have a great time customizing every aspect of your adventure, from your appearance to that of your trusty steed.

Enjoy Miitopia at € 39.99

Monster Hunter Stories 2

Another game in the franchise Monster Hunter, but this time in a completely different register. Monster Hunter Stories 2 has a release date scheduled for July 9 and is revealed little by little through the presentation videos published by Capcom. Sequel of the first Monster Hunter Stories, this is an adventure game with more affordable graphics for younger people than Monster Hunter Rise, but with a story mature enough to appeal to the general public. This opus is punctuated by the discovery of a particular Rathalos, who could well be the creature at the center of an obscure legend. This game will be perfect for your epic summer adventures.

Pre-order Monster Hunter Stories 2 at € 44.99

The Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword HD

Another game that has not yet been released, The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD is expected on July 16. Remaster of the eponymous title released in 2011, it comes to celebrate the 35 years of the franchise. This is a faithful reissue while providing the title with better visual quality. If you’re waiting for the game’s release to go on vacation, you’ll be able to get your hands on the pair of exclusive Joy-Cons that are releasing at the same time. Little information about the game itself is available at the moment, but a game Zelda never refuse!

Pre-order Skyward Sword HD at € 44.99

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