Overwatch: cross-play is coming to beta soon

With this feature, Blizzard hopes to strengthen the aspect of sharing and community that the studio is very keen on.

In a blog post, Blizzard has just announced that cross-play will soon make its debut on Overwatch. As fans of the franchise patiently await the second installment, scheduled for next year, Overwatch first of the name will finally allow its players to share games with their friends regardless of the platform on which they are playing. The support of cross-play will be coming along with an update to To use the feature, all players must create an account on the platform and link their account to that of their console. This step will also be necessary to be able to play the game when cross-play is supported, even if you do not plan to use it.

Blizzard still explains that cross-play will not bring cross-progression with it. However, the development teams are currently working on this aspect so that players can resume their progress when moving from console to PC and vice versa. Cross-play will be available for almost all game modes except competitive mode. This will continue to divide the games into two categories with PC players on one side and console players on the other so as not to penalize one or the other part of the community.

Certain exceptions will also be observed in relation to the controller used (joystick or keyboard / mouse) or even in relation to the platforms of your group of friends. All details are available on the website of Blizzard. Also note that this feature can be deactivated directly in the game settings, but this may lengthen your waiting time to find a match.

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