Second public beta version of Android 12

Android 12 continues to show the news that will reach our mobiles, and it does so now with the second public beta version.

These are features that were already announced in I / O last month, but of which we already have more details:

Privacy Dashboard– Provides an overview of how mobile applications use sensors such as the camera, microphone, and GPS. It shows a graph at the top of how much was used in the last 24 hours, followed by a list of all the apps that have access to each one. It is also possible to get a timeline view of the sensor activity and request explanations from the applications as to why they need the data.

Microphone and Camera Kill Switches: There are new switches for the camera and microphone on the quick settings screen, making it easier to remove those sensors for more peace of mind that no one is spying on our conversations. When we turn off the switch, the apps will receive blank audio and camera images, and the system is responsible for notifying the user of each action performed.

Indicator to show when those sensors are being used: it will show a small dot in the status bar if these sensors are being used so that we know if an application has turned on the microphone, for example.

New design for WiFi network configuration: shows the available WiFi networks in a pop-up panel when we press the icon in Quick Settings. It can be viewed on the same page, with the pop-up window occupying only the bottom two-thirds of the screen.

It will warn about which applications are obtaining information from our clipboard, with a notification at the bottom of the screen if an application other than the one used in the copy is reading the information.

In future versions audio coupled haptic feedback is expected for richer or more immersive experiences. We will be attentive to

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