Sellers under WooCommerce can now bring their products to Google Shopping for free

Do you have an e-commerce platform built on top of WooCommerce, the popular WordPress plugin for adding e-commerce features to websites? If so, you become part of the 4.4 million sellers worldwide who from now on they can enter their inventory in Google Shopping for free and without leaving the control panel.

To carry out the integration, they just have to go to the WooCommerce website and download the function for free «Google Listings & Ads» so that it becomes part of the control panel options that they use daily to keep their e-commerce platforms up to date.

As highlighted by Google in a short announcement:

WooCommerce merchants can upload their products to Google, create free ad campaigns and lists, and review performance metrics, all without leaving your WooCommerce dashboard.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has transformed shopping habits, pushing e-commerce as a safe way to make purchases at the worst moment of the pandemic, and to which many traditional businesses have seized to try to survive at a time when the that the massive closure of businesses has been decreed for being declared non-essential.

This expansion comes a month after hitting Shopify, the well-known e-commerce platform, in which interested parties can open their respective virtual stores without the need for technical knowledge.

The advantage is clear, since users who search for products will have more options to purchase, and therefore, sellers will have more visibility to attract new customers who buy from their businesses, which has been a win-win.

And despite the fact that the worst of the pandemic is over, for which part of the daily activity is recovered, there will already be things that will remain permanent, including the boom in purchases on electronic commerce platforms, so there are many institutions that take the initiative to launch plans to try to bring traditional businesses without a web presence to a web presence.

In this sense, WooCommerce It is one of the most widely used e-commerce platforms today, so Google’s move will ensure that sellers of companies of all sizes now have it easier to showcase their products and increase their sales.

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