Stadia exits beta and is available on iOS

Google is betting more and more on the evolution of Stadia with the introduction of an official web application on iOS.

After nearly six months in beta, Google formalizes the availability of Stadia on iOS as a web application via Safari. This comes with the update which should also bring some tweaks and improvements to the final version. To be able to use the web application, all you have to do is create an account or connect an existing account, then display the application on the home screen on your iPhone or iPad. This version obviously supports touch controls but the experience is much more comfortable with a controller connected via Bluetooth.

Google introduces a less greedy 720p option

At the same time, Google has just announced a major improvement in the use of mobile data. One of the strengths of cloud gaming is actually being able to play streaming anywhere and anytime. However, in reality, this is proving to be more complicated than expected due to variations in connections and mobile data usage. Google introduced a new option on Stadia to use a streaming setting ” optimized for mobile data ».

This allows you to have a resolution of 720p while practically halving the bandwidth. This feature has been in mobile testing for a while, but Google is now expanding it to all devices through the web app. This allows players who want to stream through a phone’s access point or via a connection with a limited data cap. This option only uses 2.7 GB per hour of streaming, unlike the basic 720p option which uses 4.5 GB per hour. This represents a savings of almost 40% in data usage and bandwidth.

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