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Huawei is celebrating with a cake, but there are plenty of question marks left about the system.


Huawei introduced a cross-device operating system a few days ago HarmonyOS 2-es, the public version of which the mobile variation is According to GSM Arena however, it continues to rely heavily on open source Android AOSP code. We will delve deeper into the crooked issue of OS in our tests, but the point is, which application has been running well on an HMS phone so far (because, say, it hasn’t been adapted for Google Play services) will also run on HarmonyOS, that the switch from EMUI devices running Android could start soon in China, where I want 360 million devices to name the system among the settings throughout the year.

The starter cake is ready, but the next 12 months will be critical to the spread of HarmonyOS
The starter cake is ready, but the next 12 months will be critical to the spread of HarmonyOS (source: MyDrivers) [+]

In China, tens of millions have already cut into the thing a P30/40-that Mate 30/40-is is in MatePad Pro series, if it is not yet clear whether a public, final update, or beta package has been installed. Head of Consumer Business, Richard Yu in any case, he celebrated with the cake above. The international reception of HarmonyOS will obviously be a critical issue, as Huawei still does not have access to the essential Google services and applications based on them here, and this is one of the reasons why the brand’s mobile sales plummeted last year. Access to chips and 5G technologies is also problematic for the people of Shenzhen, which is why the P50 family, and Honor has become an independent brand, which is ready own 50 series to the start.

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