the universe expands with a podcast, a novel and a game

Netflix took advantage of its Geeked Week to lift the veil on certain productions from the Stranger Things universe. In contrast, season 4 still does not have a release date.

Stranger Things is long overdue. Almost two years after Season 3, fans of the Duffer Brothers series still haven’t heard from Dustin, Mike, Eleven, Lucas, Will and Max. It must be said that the pandemic has largely upset the plans of Netflix and the production teams, who had to put the shooting on hold for several months. If we could hope that the streaming service would take advantage of its Geeked Week to announce a new season, Netflix simply brought together the creators and writers for a video message to the community. The Duffer brothers confided that this burst of episodes was still filming, we should logically not find Stranger Things on our screens for quite a while. They nevertheless introduced one of the new recruits of this season, who will come to populate the halls of Hawkins High School.

Thus, we will find the star of another series of the platform: Anne with an E. Amybeth McNulty will play Vickie who, according to the description of the character, is “A cool nerd, who speaks very fast” and who should grab the attention of one of the main characters. We will also find Myles Truitt (Kin: The Beginning) in the skin of Patrick, “A basketball star who has friends, a good life and talent, but finds himself overnight in the heart of a spiral of hell”. Finally, the two new recruits will be Regina Ting Chen (Beauty and the Tramp) and Grace Van Dien (Lady Driver). They respectively embody Madame Kelly: “A popular guidance counselor who cares deeply about her students” and Chrissy “Hawkins’ High’s chief cheerleader and most popular girl in high school who hides a deep secret.”

A podcast and a novel for this summer

To keep us patient, the universe is expanding with a fictional podcast. From June 29, on Spotify and Apple Music, fans of the franchise will be able to find the character of Maya in a new story called Rebel Robin : Surviving Hawkins. She will be played by Maya Hawke, who already lent her her features in the third season. A novel, written by AR Capetta, is also on the program. It will also be released on June 29 in American bookstores.

Finally, Stranger Things is going to make a foray into the world of video games. The license will be incorporated into online multiplayer Smite : Battleground of the Gods. Eleven and her team should also go through the universe of The Magic Gathiring with Secret Lair. Two cards have already been presented. On the video game side, other announcements could be do this Friday. Indeed, Netflix will devote a conference to its video game division, which had already offered us a game Stranger Things on the occasion of the release of the season 2.

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