To overtake Apple and Google, Facebook will launch a connected watch

Facebook confirms its connected watch project. This would have two cameras, and would be linked to the company’s future augmented reality glasses.

Facebook may well be above all famous for its social networks, including a first eponymous one, but also Instagram or even WhatsApp, the company sometimes has a foothold in the hardware sector. It is in particular with this in mind that the firm founded by Mark Zuckerberg had bought Oculus, VR headset specialist, in 2014, a purchase that would have cost him no less than $ 3 billion.

This time, it would be to launch a product in its own name, a « Facebook Watch ». According to The Verge, the connected watch would above all be dedicated to social use on Facebook and Instagram. There would be two photo sensors, including one at the front, and one … at the rear. Thus, the watch could turn into a mini-camera capable of being unsheathed in the blink of an eye. We would also find different sensors dedicated to health, and the watch would be sold in the 400 dollars, in opposition to theApple Watch. It could be launched this summer.

A first step before connected glasses

This connected watch would above all be intended to be linked, one day, to augmented reality glasses signed by Facebook. “We said we want augmented reality glasses that are really useful – we’re investing in technologies that will make this interaction more natural and intuitive.” said Andrew Bosworth, president in charge of virtual and augmented reality at Facebook, in response to The Verge. However, it does not specify when this product will be released, and simply indicates that “We’ll say more when we’re ready.” “

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