Two cameras and a detachable display

Facebook also wants to get involved in the smartwatch market. To make the watch stand out from others, Facebook is planning some unusual features. The watch should be equipped with two cameras and a removable display.

Facebook Smartwatch – detachable display and a camera for video calls

For his first smartwatch the company is supposed to plan some new and unusual features. The clock is equipped with two cameras in the display. Thanks to the detachable display, pictures or videos can be recorded directly with the watch and shared via the Facebook apps – including Instagram.

The camera on the front of the display is primarily used for video calls, while the 1080p auto focus camera on the back can be used for photos and video recordings. To do this, you have to take the wearable out of the stainless steel frame. To support LTE connectivity, Facebook is working with the leading wireless service providers in the United States.

In addition, Facebook wants to make some accessories for its first smartwatch available to users. That is why the company is in an exchange with other companies, for example to develop fastenings for backpacks to which the camera hub can be attached. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also wants to manufacture more devices and offer users an alternative to Apple or Google.

The planned start for the Facebook Smartwatch is summer 2022 and according to internal circles it will cost around 400 US dollars. However, these are all speculations and not sure whether the watch will come at all. After all, Facebook has been planning to release a smartwatch since 2019.

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