Up to 650 euros reduction on the Samsung Galaxy S21, it’s time to crack

Excellent batch of promotions of all kinds at Samsung this week. They allow you to accumulate more than 650 euros of reduction on the Galaxy S21.

It’s Galaxy Week at Samsung. The Korean brand is still competing for promotions to make its official store THE best place to buy its latest flagships. All Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra are unbeatably priced on the brand’s official store. With the many offers and bonuses on offer right now, this is definitely the place to buy Samsung’s latest flagships. Until June 20, several reductions are available on phones and many gifts are also offered for the purchase of one of the terminals. Between trade-in bonuses, Samsung Rewards, protective cases and free charger or even doubled storage, you can save up to more than 600 euros by cumulating all the reductions. Here is how to do it.

Discover all the offers on the Galaxy S21

The Galaxy S21 + is half price on the Samsung store

The best discount offered by Samsung is available until June 20 and relates to the trade-in of your old smartphone. Samsung offers a return bonus of 100 euros on its store. This automatically obtains a minimum discount of 100 euros as soon as your future previous phone is eligible for trade-in, regardless of its condition. This is the minimum reduction, but it can go much higher, as the amount of the trade-in varies depending on the model of smartphone you are returning as well as its condition. The trade-in works with a large number of terminals of various brands, including relatively old smartphones and even tablets. It is therefore likely that your current phone is eligible to achieve this saving of at least 100 euros.

In the best case, if you have a recent high-end smartphone and in good condition, it can be taken back for 452 euros in the best case. For the purchase of a Galaxy S21, S21 + or S21 Ultra. To this amount is therefore added the trade-in bonus of 100 euros for a total of 552 euros reduction. In this condition, the Galaxy S21 Ultra collapses at only 707 euros instead of 1259, which corresponds to a little more than 47% of discount. It’s even more interesting for the Galaxy S21 + which lands at 507 euros instead of 1059 euros. Simply half the price. The trade-in offer procedure is simple, and all the steps explained. We must first surrender on the Galaxy S21 page, then select the trade-in offer. You will then be guided step by step.

Samsung take-back modality
The terms of the takeover at Samsung // Screenshot

To benefit from the trade-in, you must first select the model of your smartphone and then enter its IMEI number. This number can be accessed by dialing * # 06 # on the numeric keypad of the “telephone” application. You can also find it in the “about” section of your mobile or even directly on the box. The final estimate of the trade-in amount is now displayed.

You then place an order without having to advance the cost of the discount. Upon receipt of your new mobile, you will have 7 days to send your old smartphone to Samsung using the free return slip provided. Enough to give you time to transfer your data to your new toy. Upon receipt, Samsung will analyze the terminal and confirm the amount of the discount if it meets the initial description.

Save up to 552 euros on the Galaxy S21 with the Trade-in Bonus

Free doubled storage and freebies

The trade-in bonus is not the only promotion that Samsung offers on its store. For the purchase of a Galaxy S21 + or a Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung also doubles the storage for free. The 256 GB versions are thus at the price of the 128 GB versions, so it is 50 euros saved in this first case. You can also get the 512 GB model for the price of the 256 GB model, and you save as much as $ 130. Note that the offer is only valid on colors exclusive to the Samsung store. This is good, they are particularly successful. Special mention to the Galaxy S21 + Red.

The brand is also giving two freebies to buyers of a Samsung Galaxy S21 + or S21 Ultra. In addition, for the purchase of a Galaxy S21, all models combined, you are also entitled to a protective leather shell and a wireless charger, also offered. The latter will allow you to simply recharge your smartphone since all Galaxy S21s are compatible with wireless charging.

* It’s practical at home, on your nightstand for example, or at the office where you slowly begin to return. It will then suffice to put your phone on it to restore a smile to the accumulators. As the charger is based on Qi technology, it can also charge all your accessories that support the protocol, that is to say almost all devices with wireless charging.

Take advantage of offers on Galaxy S21

Samsung Rewards: 5% of the amount of your purchase to pool

By purchasing your smartphone (or any other product) you can also get back 5% of the purchase amount in the form of Samsung Rewards on all Galaxy S21 models. You can then reuse this amount on the site. This is ideal for giving you an additional accessory like a Galaxy Watch. If you plan to buy another Samsung product later, such as a Neo QLED television for example, you can buy it at a substantial discount (which can be combined with other possible offers).

Also note that by opting for Galaxy S21 you can directly benefit from reductions in your basket by purchasing an accessory or another product at the same time. The reduction can go up to 15% on the entire basket if you buy 3 different products.

Galaxy S21, S21 or S21 Ultra, which smartphone to choose?

The Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra together make up Samsung’s premium range of smartphones for 2021 (pending the Galaxy Note which usually arrive at the end of the summer). The three models are technically similar, but a few small differences exist. They come together on performance and with an Exynos 2100 processor to propel them. It is currently one of the most powerful chips in the Android world and it logically allows flawless operation in all applications. You can play your games in the best possible conditions and obviously work efficiently while on the move. The chip also comes with support for 5G. The Galaxy S21 are therefore ready for the new network standard which is gradually being deployed in France.

The Galaxy S21 and S21 + side by side
The Galaxy S21 and S21 + // Credits: JDG

Samsung also asserts all its know-how on screens with OLED panels of excellent quality with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The first differences will appear in terms of size with diagonals of 6.2 inches, 6.7 inches and 6.8 inches for the Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra respectively. Fast charging is provided on all of these models and the batteries are respectively 4000 mAh, 4800 mAh and 5000 mAh. All smartphones also have these premium “little extras” such as wireless charging and waterproofing with IP68 certification.

It is in the photo that the differences will be the most notable. The Galaxy S21 Ultra offers the most muscular configuration with a main sensor of 108 mpx, an ultra wide-angle of 12 mpx and telephoto lenses: x3 and 10x. This configuration provides a hybrid zoom of up to 100x. A feat. The other two adopt a configuration with 4 sensors with a wide angle of 12 mpx, an ultra wide-angle of 12 mpx and a telephoto lens of 64 mpx finally for a 3x optical zoom and a 30x hybrid. Either way, the setup remains very solid and the S21s are among the best smartphones for photography in 2021.

To summarize, and to keep it simple: if you are a big photo lover, prefer the Galaxy S21 Ultra, if you want a versatile phone turn to the Galaxy S21 +, if you appreciate the compactness it is the Galaxy S21 (all short) that will have to be adopted.

Take advantage of offers on Galaxy S21

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