Update on Wear not confirmed

Only recently have clues surfaced that a Update of the TicWatch Pro 3 on Wear suggested. However, the manufacturer mobvoi has not confirmed this.

TicWatch Pro 3 – Update on Wear still unclear

At Google I / O, the promising update “WearOS 3.0” – which Google only calls “Wear” – was announced for the coming autumn. This is a completely revised version of the “WearOS” operating system and should provide many improvements through cooperation with Samsung. Among other things, Google is making use of Samsung’s experience when it comes to battery management. But Fitbit’s health tracking will also be integrated. With this knowledge, many users of a WearOS smartwatch can hardly wait for the update to appear. Always with the hope that your own watch is chosen to receive wear. Fossil users have already been disappointed in the last few days.

Maggie from mobvoi customer support claimed very confidently that the TicWatch Pro 3 will receive the update on Wear. In an interview with 9to5Google, mobvoi said that they have not yet received a confirmation from Google that the TicWatch Pro 3 is intended for the update.

Mobvoi is a close partner with Google and has even received investments from them, but there is still no official confirmation of Google’s update times.

But that does not mean that the update does not come to the smartwatch. Given that the TicWatch Pro 3 comes with a Snapdragon Wear 4100 chipset, I think it’s the most likely WearOS wearable that will receive the update.

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