Wisecut, an automatic video editor with AI

If you are looking for an optimal result in audiovisual production, the editing process is essential to guarantee this result. However, safeguarding every detail is a time-consuming task, which in more than one person has vanished their interest to create content under this format.

For those who are short on time or lack a thorough post-production background, Wisecut, an effective online video editor, offers an automated alternative.

Artificial intelligence to edit videos

Using its own AI technology, Wisecut offers its users the possibility of generating a video ready to be shared, fully automatically.

To use this tool, you just need to register to it and upload a raw clip. Next, it is necessary to indicate if the video contains phrases or sounds that are intended to be preserved in the final product.

After making these first indications, the platform is in charge of analyzing the content, rescuing the relevant information and filtering the erroneous fragments, prolonged silences or present noises.

As for the image of the clip, thanks to the facial recognition capabilities of this editor, certain emphasis shots can be generated, changing the framing planes in certain passages of the video.

Although Wisecut offers its tools in English and Portuguese momentarily, its artificial intelligence is capable of processing content in Spanish without problems, since it supports our language.

Additionally, this tool offers an automatic subtitling function, thanks to its voice recognition capabilities and optionally, it can be instantly subtitled into other languages ​​supported by the platform.

As a sound complement, you can add music with free rights (royalty free), which intelligently adapts to the material generated during assisted editing, a process in which both the volumes of the voiceover and those of the musical curtain are automatically leveled.

In the event that the AI ​​makes any inaccuracies, the script or storyboard can be manipulated from within the editor itself, instantly influencing the edited clip.

Clearly, a tool in this category, even if it automates processes, does not do wonders with poor quality material. For this reason, to guarantee a smooth and efficient work, it is recommended to only use registered material in good quality, especially in the aspect of sound.

Similarly, it is worth noting that this editor does not replace a professional audiovisual treatment tool, such as traditional desktop applications. Rather, this alternative is presented as a practical solution for people who have not fully developed their audiovisual skills or who have little time to do this complete work.

Wisecut can be used for free, with certain limitations. The basic plan of this editor limits its capacity to 45 minutes of editing per month, 2 GB of storage capacity and a quality of 720p maximum resolution. The removal of these restrictions, plus the addition of some additional features, can be obtained through your professional plan, which is paid.

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