With iOS 15, Apple further strengthens user data protection

Unveiled during WWDC, the iOS 15 update should bring with it a lot of new things, starting with the strengthening of its privacy measures.

With iOS 14.5, Apple had already struck a big blow regarding personal data, to the point of alienate the giant Facebook. This week is during the WWDC that the apple brand has lifted the veil on its new iOS 15. In line with the measures announced a few months ago, the American company has announced several measures intended to strengthen the protection of privacy.

In Mail in particular, the Apple will now prevent sending web beacons, used by some senders to know when and how many times the recipients opened their message for example, but also to retrieve their IP address. The use of facial and voice recognition will now be accessible by default in local mode, and will not require any Internet connection. For his part, iCloud + will now offer the Private Relay tool, making it possible to encrypt its online activity. The option “Hide my email” and support for HomeKit secure videos will also be added to the service. As a reminder, the latter will be billed between $ 1 and $ 10 per month, depending on the number of HomeKit secure cameras ($ 0.99 for a single camera and 50 GB of storage, $ 9.99 for 2 TB and an unlimited number of cameras).

Along with these new features, several additional tools will also be implemented for use and development, the company said in a statement. The current position sharing option will now allow their location to be authorized once with a third-party application.

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