Xiaomi launches product that will make you the king of telecommuting meetings

The last year has completely changed many people’s idea of ​​what telework is. Many users find themselves in confinement, and more and more companies are looking at the telecommuting solution seriously. And Xiaomi too.

The Chinese manufacturer has just launched a new product, which is also its first focused on remote meetings. It’s called the “Xiaomi Audio and Video Conference Speaker”, and it can make you the king of telecommuting meetings.

Xiaomi Audio and Video Conference Speaker is a speaker with camera

A more inattentive look may judge that it is a simple soundbar. But this speaker has a camera in the central area, ideal for your video conferences with the highest quality.

Xiaomi Audio and Video Conference Speaker
Este é o Xiaomi Audio and Video Conference Speaker

It comes with Qualcomm APQ8053 processor, and promises high quality audio and image with resolution up to 4K. In addition, it supports a viewing angle of 120 degrees, so no one is left out of the screen.

Thanks to its intelligence, it allows you to approach faces up to five meters away. This way, in meetings with several people, whoever speaks will always be in focus. As for the remaining specifications, they will be revealed as soon as the product goes on sale in China from this Thursday.

As for the price, it will be sold with a recommended value of 1999 yuan in China, equivalent to 257 euros. For now, there is no forecast as to whether it will be sold beyond Xiaomi’s domestic market.

It seems to be quite an expensive product for someone who works alone from home. But certainly the target will be companies looking for new solutions to improve the quality of their remote meetings.

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