A black hole has formed in the iPad Pro

Zack Nelson’s torture test is responsible for the physical phenomenon. The half-million-dollar Apple tablet is bending this time too, but is it still breaking?


Undoubtedly, buffalo-powered hardware used to hiss the iPad Pro tablets in his thin house, but one thing is speed, another is durability, and the moment when Zack Nelson in the torture chamber, the poison-expensive Apple giant display is one move in two, and the display it shattered. A 2021-es, 12.9-inch iPad Pro its main novelty is the extremely high-brightness 2048 x 2732-pixel mini-LED LCD display, and it would be really good if Apple’s development could withstand external forces a little better.

On our iPad Pro 12.9 (2021) test table – Bog did not torment this tablet [+]

The tempered protective glass itself is scratched in the usual way, from a six-hardness chisel on the Mohs scale in Mr. Nelson’s fresh video, deeper than seven, meeting industry standard. It is completely unnecessary, but it is interesting that heating the four points of the screen with the flames of four lighters creates black spots. But luckily, it turns out that only the pixels or the backlight turn off, not the panel being damaged, as these “black holes” will soon disappear, and that probably has nothing to do with Hawking radiation.

The main game is fought against the strong paws of Zack Nelson’s strong paw with the iPad Pro with Apple M1 chip, of course, and backwards, this apple tablet also bends quite easily, but the protective glass and the screen remain surprisingly intact. In the other direction, Mr. Nelson absolutely loses the competition, for there he is even less able to bend the device, which has become quite wavy. This is definitely progress and good news, as it is possible that a product of this size will be severely affected by sitting in a bag or just by accident, and this year’s top table seems to be more protected against this.

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