Among Us will add a new map and more roles for the characters

InnerSloth is working on a series of new features to enhance the dynamics of Among Us.

This was announced at Summer Game Fest 2021, along with a preview of some of the surprises players will find in the near future.

Among Us will debut a new mode, more roles and the fifth map

One of the great news that InnerSloth announced has to do with nothing less than a new map. Yes, already the 5 map for Among Us. At the moment, there is no clue about it, so it only remains to imagine what strategy they will be preparing for this new map.

On the other hand, in the video you can see a new Mode called “Hide & Seek”. Although they have not mentioned anything about its dynamics, it reminds us of the mode created by some users of Among Us, who changed the rules to play this species in a personalized way among a group of friends.

The dynamics were completely different, and even a little more fun: the impostor was revealed at the beginning of the game and a countdown began that gave the crew time to carry out their tasks, hide etc. Yes, the old game of hide and seek within Among Us.

Following the news announced at Summer Game Fest, we also find new roles for characters like those seen in the video: the scientist and the sheriff. It remains to be seen what these new roles will contribute to the dynamics of the game.

And yes, there will also be new colors and costumes to customize the characters we choose for the games. And a promised update, which is still pending, is to expand the number of players per game to 15. InnerSloth hasn’t mentioned a date for any of the news they announced, so keep an eye out for the next updates from Among Us.

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