An extension for quick access to Google Calendar

Button for Google Calendar is a free and open source extension for Google Chrome (and we assume that for other Chromium-based browsers as well), which allows users to have a quick look at your calendars in Google Calendar, with notifications and the ability to join scheduled meetings with one click away.

The history of this extension is quite curious, since who is currently behind its development and support, points out that It is basically a copy of the one launched more than a decade ago by a Google developer, who this year decided to delete it despite having more than five million users.

Taking advantage of the fact that the original version was also free and Open Source, decided to copy it and take over the new version, even with the approval of the original developer of the removed version.

It maintains, yes, the simplicity in its operation. According to the list of characteristics exposed on its official website:

  • It constantly reminds you of an upcoming event from your Google Calendar ™.
  • Send push notifications following the meeting settings.
  • Provides quick access to conference links for your events. Google Meet ™, Zoom ™, Microsoft Teams ™ and Skype ™ are supported.
  • It allows you to create new events quickly.
  • Show meetings from selected calendars only

Button for Google Calendar is resurrected again from the hands of another developer, maintaining the philosophy with which the original version was created, allowing users to continue having a practical, simple and free extension for Google Calendar.

Google Calendar It is one of the most used calendar services today, one of the first services that appeared in full expansion of Google services, whose launch officially took place in the spring of 2006, almost two years after the official launch of Gmail, the famous e-mail service, which has won over time.

With all this, Google Calendar is an icon in the current Internet, which has helped many users (and companies) to manage their lives, and whose operating scheme has been followed by other services.

Despite the current integrations, this extension will greatly help those users who bet on Google Calendar in managing their day-to-day life, avoiding them having to access the official website, having the benefits they need without having to leave the website where are in each moment.

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