Archer Aviation’s First Flying Taxi Unveiled

Mixtures of drones and helicopters, electric, and in the future autonomous, the so-called «flying taxis»They continue on their way to conquer the world.

A few hours ago it was the Archer Aviation company that unveiled its first electric flying taxi, “Maker”, with several investors and aviation companies seeing the details presented.

Interest in zero-emission planes that take off and land like helicopters but they fly like airplanes is growing exponentially. Aerospace companies are looking for new markets, and they need to modify their industry with battery-powered vehicles. Maker is a good option.

They used XR technology in the presentation to simulate a trip, since at the moment the plane of Archer it does not fly commercially yet. Archer waits for the commercial launch of Maker in 2024 in Los Angeles and Miami and is in the process of certifying the four-passenger piloted plane with the Federal Aviation Administration, said co-founder and co-CEO Brett Adcock.

The goal is to create a solution for mass market transportation in and around cities, and not just in a handful of cities in the United States.

These taxis can fly at 240 km / h, and have a range of 100 km. The price a passenger would pay is about $ 3 per kilometer, still very expensive if we compare it with the existing options on land. That means a passenger would pay about $ 50 to get from John F. Kennedy International Airport to Manhattan, although it would only take about five minutes, not the minimum 60 minutes it would take in a car.

Experts estimate that this market will be worth billions over the next decade, so we’ll have to wait for the technology – and prices – to settle.

By the way, Archer is currently embroiled in a legal battle with competitor Wisk Aero (backed by Boeing), who has accused him of stealing trade secrets and infringing on its patents. Archer asked a California court last week to dismiss the lawsuit, and the court indicted Wisk for “false statements” in connection with a separate criminal investigation.

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