Beats Studio Buds is being prepared

Apple’s brand-new device wasn’t just seen in a photo: it also showed itself in iOS source code.

Apple is investing more and more energy in its own audio product offerings and services, which is clear from the experience of the last 1-2 years. Devices running under their own brand name, such as AirPods Pro or the Max, is noticeably tuned for those looking for a finer musical sound, while the Beats instruments, which he also owns, are still intended for a younger audience looking for vivid bass and striking treble in the instrument.



A Beats Studio Buds will also likely be a strongly V-shaped, vibrant, loud earphones, of course with the standard, charger case, TWS design of today. Instead of a Lightning connector, it’s expected to come with a USB-C, and the gadget will be quite tiny based on the images, with an even smaller, quite discreet B-letter on the side.


The gadget has already been seen in several places, and there was already a reference to it in an iOS 14 source code, so it’s likely that the demo will happen soon.

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