COD Warzone: soon a new map?

Leaks or simple rumors, Call of Duty Vanguard is detailed a little more through noise of corridors.

At the dawn of theE3 2021, rumors of all kinds about games follow and resemble each other, but are not always confirmed. If EA has unveiled the title of its next opus Battelfield this June 9, it could be that its competitor, Activision and its franchise Call of Duty, also has some surprises in store for us. The latest rumors are about the upcoming title, which could be Call of Duty Vanguard (unconfirmed) and coming out this fall. However, this should not be announced at E3 2021. The studio could take the opportunity to lift the veil on a brand new map Warzone, correlated with the title.

A new larger and graphically improved map

This would be a brand new map, much bigger than the one in Verdansk and would also contain more vehicles to help players get around. This will be located in the middle of the Pacific and at the same historical period as the next installment of the franchise. In this regard, the game Call of Duty Vanguard itself will be developed by Sledgehammer Games and will be set during the WWII era, just like the studio’s last title Call of Duty WW2. The game, as well as the map Warzone, would benefit from the technical improvements brought by the last engine of Infinity Ward, which would make them much more beautiful.

All this is obviously to be taken with a grain of salt since it is only about simple hallway noises, just like for the title of the next one Call of Duty. This one may very well turn out to be totally different, as with Battlefield 6 who was actually Battlefield 2042, or Rainbow Six Quarantine who is now Rainbow Six Extraction.

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