Facebook’s smartwatch can get an interesting design

More and more inside information is coming out about the add-on designed by Facebook, which seems to get two cameras as well.


A The Information already in January he learned that Facebook is designing its own smartwatch, which sometime next summer could be a finished product. Now the The Verge cites two sources working on the project but asking for anonymity, who have confirmed that the special smartphone is expected to be unveiled next summer. The point is obviously the deep layer integration of the Facebook group’s apps and services, but the design also promises to be interesting.


In principle, the Facebook watch will have two cameras, with a fixed focus on the display for video calling, while the back allows autofocus and 1080p video recording to create content, so that the watch can be removed from the stainless steel housing. Apart from this, it is a watch with traditional functions with GSM support to ensure full use as a standalone device.

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