From autumn you can reduce the bass on the HomePod

There are supposed to be people who prefer to have as little bass as possible. Starting in autumn, HomePod owners will have the option of reducing the bass on the device. However, there is no full-fledged equalizer, just an on / off switch.

HomePod – setting to reduce the bass

With iOS 15 it would be possible from autumn to reduce the bass with a switch on the HomePods. For me personally it has to be a mess, but there should also be people who have more sensitive ears and are bothered by them.

After the iOS update, there is a setting for the HomePods that you can use to reduce the bass. However, not via an equalizer with a slider to make an exact setting as desired, but only the setting “reduce YES / NO”.

For the large HomePod (which has actually been discontinued for some time) it might be worthwhile to turn the bass down, whether you have to regulate anything with the small HomepPod mini, I’ll leave it open. Since I don’t own the Mini, I can’t say whether it might be booming with bass-heavy music.

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