Good plan: RED by SFR is releasing a legendary mobile plan, we dreamed of it 🔥

The Best-Of RED puts the RED by SFR mobile plan back in the spotlight. Choose your new offer with 20, 60 or 130 GB before the end of the operation (Sunday evening). The prices are halved in most cases.

RED by SFR has decided to hand over its opération Best-Of RED in the spotlight this weekend. Suffice to say that its mobile plan and its variations see their price drop drastically. If you were hesitant to change the plan, now is – really – the time to change your offer. You can save 50% easily on the base price.

See the RED by SFR offers

Attention, the end of the offers is already soon . If the Best-Of RED is completely crazy, this mobile plan is not going to stay at this price for long. The end of the operation is scheduled for this Sunday evening at midnight, which leaves you a few hours to choose your new subscription on the operator’s site. In addition, you have up to 14 days to change your mind if necessary (but it is doubtful that this is the case with such aggressiveness).

Discounted prices on the mobile plan

Out of all these offers put forward for the Best-Of RED, a mobile plan particularly stands out. And for good reason, it is the most attractive of the range of RED by SFR in terms of price, it is Only 5 euros per month for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 20 GB of Internet (including 6 GB from the EU and the DOM). Normally, this formula costs 10 euros, you save 50%. Suffice to say that no competitor is able to do as well for such a price at the present time.

If you need more mobile data, this mobile plan is perfect for you. It offers the best value for money of the RED by SFR formulas, its price falls to 12 euros per month for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 130 GB of Internet (including 15 GB from the EU and the DOM). Without discount, this same subscription is 25 euros, the savings are considerable, once again.

This mobile plan is available in a version compatible with the 5G network for a few additional euros each month (17 euros instead of 30 euros). Since the appearance of this new 5G formula, this is the first time that RED by SFR has lowered its price, it may also suit your expectations perfectly depending on the deployment of the network in question in your geographical area.

RED by SFR’s latest mobile plan is the one of compromise, it is 8 euros per month for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 60 GB of Internet (including 9 GB from the EU and the DOM). This is perfect if you want to spend less than 10 euros per month on your subscription, all without neglecting the volume of mobile data. Once again, you save gigantic, the offer is usually 15 euros.

See the RED by SFR offers

It should be noted that this mobile package – in version 20, 60 or 130 GB, comes with access to the RED TV application. You can therefore enjoy several channels and TV packages directly from a smartphone, tablet or computer. In addition, the whole range is without commitment of duration, you are in no way doomed to remain a customer of the operator for a determined period, you can leave without justification.

RED by SFR gives everything

The Best-Of RED propels RED by SFR offers among the best mobile plans of the moment. If the operator was already at the top of our favorite formulas, the value for money of all its formulas becomes even more aggressive on the market. The 130 GB subscription gets our favors, because it contains an insane amount of data for a mini price. It’s perfect when we know that the trend is upwards in the use and, therefore, in the consumption of mobile data. You are sure not to be missed for years to come.

RED by SFR offers formulas at very competitive prices, but it has other advantages. Choosing a new mobile plan is very easy on the operator’s site, the whole process is done online and it doesn’t take more than a few minutes. You can obviously keep the same phone number, just specify it and add your RIO code – everything is explained very clearly.

The Best-Of RED is a surprise operation, RED by SFR unveils a premium mobile plan. It’s simple, we had not seen such tariffs for several years – whether with this operator or with its competitors on the market. On the other hand, you must not wait too long: a counter displays the countdown of the time remaining until the end of the operation on the operator’s site.

In addition to this promotion on its mobile plan, RED by SFR also drastically drops the price of its Internet box. You can take advantage of very high speed fiber (up to 1 Gb / s for downloading) and unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles for 20 euros per month instead of 35 euros. In addition, the first month is free. Once again, this promotion is only valid for a few days.

RED’s mobile plan and Internet box are non-binding, which pushes RED by SFR to offer a valuable service to its customers in order to hope to keep them as long as possible. The return of the Best-Of RED is a great surprise, enjoy it now.

To enjoy the Best-Of RED at RED by SFR, it’s here:

See the RED by SFR offers

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