Google updates its algorithm to remove defamatory content in searches


Google announced that it will update the algorithm of the search engine to remove the content of libel websites in the results of certain searches.

In this way, Google is taking a more active role to help the victims of these types of websites that defame and harass users.

New Google Measures to End Harassment and Defamation

The team of Google announced that measures will be taken to combat the dynamics of those websites that publish defamatory content. It refers to those websites that publish unproven accusations about different users, under a facade of citizen duty, to promote a lucrative business.

When victims search their name on Google they find these slander flooding the internet, so they are cornered into having to pay large sums to these websites to remove the content. A circle of defamation that has Google as an involuntary participant, since these websites use the exposure of search engines to encourage their harassment.

A situation that Google wants to end once and for all, preventing the content of these websites from appearing in the results when searching for people’s names.

[…] Once someone has requested the removal of a predatory site, we will automatically apply rating protections to help prevent content from other similar low-quality sites from appearing in search results for people’s names.

Google had already implemented some measures to help the victims of these situations. Not only does it provide users with an option to request that certain content be removed from searches, but they have also removed visibility from these types of websites.

However, Google is now taking more active measures to protect the victims of these sites, and not play the game of defamatory websites.

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