If you are at Orange, do not click on this SMS …

An SMS from Orange offering you compensation is currently circulating among the operator’s customers… but it is a vast scam particularly well put together.

Clients Orange, beware. A major malicious campaign to steal access to your bank account is currently underway. This is based on an SMS. The text message in question was first spotted by Julien Cholin, a journalist from France Televisions, and is aimed specifically at the operator’s subscribers.

The SMS in question offers you to obtain compensation of € 79.99 (the amount may vary) “Following the breakdowns that occurred during containment. “ The message then directs you to a link bringing you back to a fake Orange site replicating the customer area. Once connected, the fake site – rather well done – invites you to enter your bank details in order to “Proceed to reimbursement”. Obviously, this compensation does not exist.

Your stolen credentials

You understood the deception. The goal is to encourage you to enter your bank details in order to afford a royal route to your account. Worse still, since by copying your customer area, hackers then have access to your Orange credentials, and can potentially ruin your life with techniques such as SIM Swap, or simply blow up all the security of your accounts based on two-factor authentication.

The threat is all the more worrying as this SMS indeed comes from a channel of the operator, explains Julien Cholin. The message is currently being disseminated en masse to Orange subscribers, but it is also necessary to remain vigilant on this type of scam targeting other operators. If you receive this SMS, do not click on this famous link and report it if possible to 33700, the national number against spam.

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