Microsoft is obsessed with the number 11… Windows 11 approaching?

Microsoft publishes an 11-minute video inviting us to an event broadcast on June 24 at 11 am to introduce Windows… 11?

11 minutes of video, to announce a certain Windows… 11? This June 24, Microsoft is organizing a major event concerning its famous operating system, but the firm is careful not to reveal its content, leaving room for all speculation. According to some rumors in the hallway, Microsoft would take the opportunity in particular to reveal a certain Windows 11, even if the company had announced that Windows 10 would not have a successor.

The number 11 is everywhere

A few weeks before the event, the firm published a new particularly enigmatic video on YouTube, relaunching speculations concerning Windows 11. In this video, we can hear all the iconic sounds of the launch of each version of Windows, at reduced speed. .

So far, nothing particularly surprising, except that the video ends on a screen inviting us to follow the event live, on June 24 at… 11 am. On top of that, the video is exactly 11 minutes long. And that is without counting on an animation recently unveiled by Microsoft in which the Windows logo reflected the number 11.

It is clear that Microsoft is trying to tell us something. Without sinking into the daze of a paranoid Jim Carrey straight out of the Number 23, we can logically consider that this June 24 event will be devoted to the presentation of Windows 11. Obviously, we do not know anything about its novelties and especially if Windows 10 will be destined to coexist with this new operating system… if there is a new operating system.

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