Prime Day: Over 150 euros reduction on the Ring Alarm kit!

A few days before Prime Day, Amazon is offering its Ring Alarm alarm for a limited period from just 149 euros, a reduction of over 150 euros!

Ring Alarm is configured via the Ring app and works with other products of the brand. No need for professional installation or long-term commitment, the Ring Alarm security system sets up without having to drill a wall – everything you need to launch it is included in the box.

All you have to do is connect the Base via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, install the contact sensor (s) on the doors and / or windows of your choice, and place the Detector (s) of movement. Users can customize real-time notifications on their smartphone or tablet when someone enters a room, opens a window, or manually triggers the siren from the Numeric Keypad. With three different security modes, Ring Alarm can be armed and disarmed using the Numeric Keypad or through the Ring app.

Ring Alarm is designed to operate independently, for anyone wishing to add an easy-to-install, no-obligation alarm system to their home. And for a heightened level of security, add and configure the Ring Alarm security system, Ring Video Doorbells connected doorbells and Ring Security Cameras in the Ring app: when Ring Alarm sounds, the system automatically triggers recording of all Ring cameras, even if they don’t detect motion. Ring Alarm is also compatible with Alexa; users can thus arm, disarm and check the status of their Alarm with simple voice commands. Finally, it should be noted that the system can also be associated with an assisted surveillance and cellular connectivity service for 10 € / month (optional).

Take advantage of the offer at Amazon

The Ring Alarm kit offered at 149 euros and valid for 5 pieces includes:

  • a base
  • a numeric keypad
  • a contact sensor
  • a motion detector
  • a range amplifier
  • a Ring Indoor Cam

The kits for 7 and even 10 pieces are available with a greater reduction, for a final price of 179 euros and 229 euros.

In “Prime Day”, there is Prime, this means that almost all the promotions offered during the event are indeed exclusive to holders of the “premium” subscription from Amazon.

Bill 49 euros per year, or 5.99 euros per month, it is not always interesting if you only order occasionally on Amazon. But rest assured, if you are not a Prime customer and still want to take advantage of promotions, there is a very simple trick to do so without spending a dime.

  Prime Day

Subscribe to Amazon Prime “for free”

The trick is that Amazon offers a free month’s subscription to new Prime customers to test the service. You can therefore subscribe now, enjoy the benefits of Amazon Prime and Prime Day for free, which will take place during these 30 days, and then cancel the subscription. To subscribe, nothing could be simpler, just go to the subscription page and register using the “30-day trial” button. If you already have an Amazon account, this is done in 2 clicks.

Choosing the annual or monthly subscription doesn’t change anything, but if you opt for the monthly option, it will limit the costs if you forget to unsubscribe. Note, however, that if you may think of staying a longer subscription, the annual option is more financially interesting since it corresponds to four euros per month for the subscription.

Subscribe to Amazon Prime to enjoy Prime Day

Now that you have subscribed to the offer, you can directly unsubscribe, the 30-day trial is acquired anyway. To unsubscribe, you must start by going to the help section then “customer service” on the page. Then select the “Amazon Prime” button. In the right corner of the page that opens, you will find a “subscription” tab with an “end my subscription” button. Click on it.

You will now have to dodge some “Dark Patterns” by clicking on the different buttons that take on feelings to keep you subscribed until the last “cancel and lose my benefits” arrives. Click on it and voila, you are now unsubscribed. However, you will now notice that your trial period is still active. You can enjoy all the benefits of Amazon Prime until the end of the period and therefore Prime Day.

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