The autonomous robot that will clean the oceans

Collecting trash from the oceans is not an easy task. Existing solutions are expensive, slow, outdated… they also cannot collect garbage on a large scale, and many use fossil fuels, which is environmentally unsustainable.

With that in mind, the ClearBot company was born in Hong Kong, offering a zero-emission solution that uses artificial intelligence to collect garbage from different bodies of water at scale.

ClearBot has a collaboration agreement with major brands, such as Razer, to be able to implement and distribute an autonomous robot that, solar powered, be able to clean and collect garbage in rivers and oceans.

To do this, they use an external camera that identifies the garbage thanks to artificial intelligence software. The system manages to know what is plastic than what is not in a 2 meter radius, and depending on the results take one action or another.

Here it is on video:

They say on your website:

Our algorithms artificial intelligence They can identify a wide range of garbage and we collect data on the material and type of garbage we collect. This data contributes to making impactful policy changes within corporations and governments around the world.

The objective is to create thousands (or millions) of these robots that circulate through the waters of the whole world, a functional prototype that can be commercialized on a large scale. Razer has taken it upon themselves to improve the ClearBot design to make it even smarter and more efficient, with a system capable of emit vibrations to scare the fish and thus avoid being recycled, like plastic. It also has LED lights so you can identify yourself at night.

With the current prototype, more than 1 ton per day can be collected with a single robot.

They are now looking for Angel investors, as well as people who want to actively participate in the project.

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