Electric moped with 150 km of autonomy

Established in 1981, Bensom has come a long way as a manufacturer of motorcycles, adapting to the needs that have arisen within the sector over time, where, like other manufacturers, they have taken the initiative to add the electric drive to your motorcycle production line.

This is how Bensom arrives with its new range of electric motorcycles to enter the European market, Spain being the country chosen to put on sale these models baptized as Bensom Moscow and Bensom Rome.

Both have an appearance and components that make them suitable enough to be considered a very competent means of transport.

Although the company has not been commercially established in the Iberian region, this does not represent any obstacle for these models of electric motorcycles to make their debut there.

Regarding the Bensom Moscow, this model has an electrical diagram in which two components stand out: motor and battery, manufactured by Bosch and Samsung respectively.

The Bensom Moscow engine offers a 2,050 W performance, enough to give this motorcycle the ability to achieve a maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour. Powering the engine is the battery, which has a weight of 10 kilograms and it can be removed from the structure without problems.

Also, the battery has a capacity of 60 V and 26 Ah, values ​​that give this electric motorcycle the possibility of reaching a autonomy of 80 kilometers at its maximum energy capacity, which once consumed will take a time of 6 hours to complete the charging process.

However, Bensom points out that this model can accept a second battery pack, which would favor the autonomy of this electric motorcycle by doubling it, so that, in the end, the Bensom Moscow is capable of covering a distance of up to 150 kilometers.

Regarding the Bensom Moscow lighting system, it is supported by LED technology, also having a monochrome LCD type control panel, bluetooth connection, 3 driving modes, double disc hydraulic braking system and remote control to lock or unlock the motorcycle and geolocate it.

The company has not yet revealed what will be the price for which the Bensom Moscow could be acquired, although it is believed that it could be capped at 2,000 euros.

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