Facebook has new secret weapon to bypass Apple and Google

Facebook will be preparing a smart watch. Yes, a quirky smartwatch that could help Mark Zuckerberg’s company bypass Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store fees and policies. Your ad can take place during the summer.

This smartwatch may have a removable screen, with cameras that will allow you to record video and capture images even without connection or pairing with a smartphone. Sharing can be done directly on the platforms of the Facebook group.

The first smartwatch on the Facebook social network

Image merely alluding to smart watches, not representing the product in question.

The first rumors emerged in early 2021. However, as the The Verge, there is new evidence that this product may be introduced during the peak of summer. Furthermore, some of its general characteristics are pointed out.

This possible smartwatch will incorporate, according to the source, a screen and cameras that can be removed from the other structure. It’s a modular ideology that can bring us a new wearable or wearable adaptable to most real life situations.

The purpose of such an approach will be to facilitate the capture of content for later sharing on social networks. Furthermore, we will not need to be connected to the smartphone, the smartwatch Facebook having a considerable degree of independence.

Instant sharing on WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger and Facebook

Integrating the Facebook group ecosystem it is only natural that such a device can quickly share content across the company’s platforms. Thus, we will be able to share the content on WhatsApp and in their States or Status, on Instagram and respective Stories, as well as on Messenger and Facebook.

Sharing content directly on the Facebook group’s digital platforms will be one of its primary purposes.

According to the source, one of the cameras will be used mainly for video calls. The second camera will have a maximum quality Full-HD at 1080p, being mostly dedicated to capturing video when separated from the rest of the smartwatch body itself.

The goal will be to encourage people to use Facebook Watch more

The watch will thus be a tool to capture content for sharing on Facebook’s video platform, your Watch. This is the thesis put forward by sources close to the company, cited by the publication referred to above, so that people also use Facebook Watch more, as they already do on smartphones.

In a technical aspect, the device should employ an operating system based on Android, but with some customization made by the company of Mark Zuckerberg. We will also be able to have LTE connectivity so that the smartwatch is more independent, that is, access to mobile networks.

We also know that Facebook will be contacting several companies in order to produce accessories for your smartwatch. The measure will aim to create an ecosystem of accessories and gadgets for your first smartwatch as soon as it hits the market.

A way to get around Apple and Google’s dominance

Facebook Apple Google

The development of this product will have had as its motto the growing tension between Facebook and Apple, as well as Google. The social network will want to bypass both stores of each technology and respective fees of up to 30% charged by each.

Thus, you will create a product that brings all the software necessary for the creation and sharing of content on the main social networks that you own. There are other underlying reasons, mentioned but not specified by the source, that also meet this corporate animosity.

The same source points out that future iterations of this smartwatch could serve as a connection and control device for Facebook Glasses, the company’s augmented reality glasses. Also this gadget is currently being prepared.

It should be noted that the Facebook group owns Oculus, a company dedicated to the production of virtual reality glasses and augmented reality devices, currently mainly dedicated to games. However, Facebook’s interest in these types of products will go far beyond entertainment.

Thus having a good base of know-how, Facebook will be studying new implementations for augmented reality devices, controllable from the wrist. There is, therefore, a lot that can come to depend on the social network smartwatch.

The smartwatch could cost $400 and arrive in mid 2022

Finally, there is still no official release date for this watch. The source suggests next summer, in an allusion to the year 2022, not being, however, to rule out a prior confirmation by Facebook in the coming months.

The suggested price for this product is around 400 dollars, about 350 euros. It will be available in white, black and gold, but it is still under development, with no defined name and far from entering the mass production phase.

On a strictly personal note, given the amount of information already available, sources involved and the current economic environment, I consider the launch of Facebook (Smart)Watch very likely.

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